Meaning of Names:
How do we arrive at the meaning, its suggested character quality, and the corresponding verse?

Throughout the Bible are countless instances revealing God’s interest in individuals and in their names. He’s also interested in you. He wants you to live up to the potential He has placed within you. He wants you to live up to your name.

Every name has a literal meaning drawn from the language/country of its origin. Some names reflect origins in two or more different countries. Sometimes that meaning is obscured because of changes in the culture or in the customs. There is more to a name than its literal meaning, however. Each name can and does suggest a character quality – a goal for which to strive. Our products feature your name, a character quality reflecting the meaning of your name, and an applicable Scripture verse, with the goal of helping you understand the significance of your name and inspiring you to live up to the character quality it suggests.

Our current database consists of over 20,000 names and character qualities.  The task of researching names still continues as there are new names made each day. Google searches and websites will often list a wide assortment of literal meanings that can sometimes be inconsistent and thus misleading. If you already have a specific name meaning/character quality and/or scripture verse selected, we will gladly customize your product with your choice for an additional charge of only $3.00.  Please clearly state your choices on the order form.If you are not planning on purchasing a plaque and have an “inquiry only” research request, a $5 research fee will be charged for each name and character quality research request.

Return Policy:
Can products be returned?

Character Plus products are custom made for you and therefore are non-returnable. Each custom made piece is carefully inspected before shipping. If you feel that you have received a defective product, please contact us within 14 days of receipt with a detailed description of the defect.